Easter Outreach Plan

At True North Church, we work hard to maximize Easter. For a church to reach its churchpacity, it must learn how to maximize its capacity to reach its city! Easter is a key time to expand your reach and leverage your church's influence to build gospel road bridges to the lost in your city.

We work hard at True North to connect with hundreds of lost people for Easter. In 2018, we had over 100 people make a decision for Jesus Christ. In this post we will look at: (1) our rules for engagement, (2) how we build a “Gospel Road System” for Easter; (3) how we establish our “Come and See Lane," and (4) how we establish a “Go and Tell Lane."

1. Rules of Engagement

  1. Easter is a team sport.
  2. The lead pastor is the head coach.
  3. Each pastor is an assistant coach (position’s coach), and a team win is more important than a position win.
  4. Each Serve Team Member will be used in the best possible way for a team win - not a position coach’s win!

2. Gospel Road System for Easter

  1. Everything we do at True North is directed 2 degrees off “North” (North = Us / Members). Like Rick Warren states, "“The church is the only organization that does not exist for the benefit of its current members.
2. The goal is always to look for ways to raise the evangelism temperature of your team/staff/board/church attendees 1 degree "hotter."  The goal is not only great attendance on Easter; the goal is raising the temperature for evangelism. Easter is just a good excuse to give people an easy win!

The Two Lanes of the Gospel Road System (GRS)

3. Establishing the "Come and See" Lanes 

MARKETING - (See 7 Marketing Lanes of the GRS -- illustration below) 
Print Media 
Invite Cards
Social Media  - We pay for Facebook advertisements.
Digital Media - We create several short videos to promote on social media.
City Influencer - We target city influencers and drop off Easter baskets with an invite. 
  • Mayor
  • First Responders, Police & Fire Chief
  • School Principals and Superintendent 
  • Teachers - Coffee & Cookies 
Our Building -- Inside and Out is Clean 
Parking Team
  • Shuttle Drivers for serve team and others
  • Street Sign Team
Hospitality Team
  • Greeters
  • Ushers
  • Overflow Hosts
  • Kids Check in team (extras to help with check-in)
  • Connect Center
  • Coffee
  • Bathroom Refreshing team
  • Green room food team          

4. Establishing the "Go & Tell Lane"

Below are some samples of the "Digital Evangelism Plan" and "5 Friend Focus" cards we give our church attendees to use as we encourage them to invite their friends to church for Easter. 
Illustration One: