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Every church should have a style guide. The key to effective branding is consistency. But how can you be consistent if there isn’t a set of rules to guide you and your team? That is why the church style guide is necessary. A church style guide doesn’t need to be complicated with pages upon pages of rules and regulations. It can be as simple or complex as you want. In this post I’ll show you how to create your very own church style guide from scratch.
Creating Your Church Style Guide
A comprehensive church style guide can stretch to the length of a small textbook, so let’s start with something much smaller. A church style guide is going to read more like a reference sheet, so try to keep it to a couple of  pages.

Each style guide should consist of three elements:
  1.  Logo Usage
  2.  Typography (font family)
  3.  Colors

1. Logo Usage
Your church logo is the central element of your church’s branding. So it’s important that when used, it’s used appropriately. You don’t want people changing the colors, changing the alignment, or changing the proportions. You’ll need a couple different variations on how you want your logo to be presented. Here’s how the True North logo is presented in our style guide:
Each version of the logo is acceptable, but these are the ONLY versions that are acceptable. We don’t change them for any reason. Consistency is important.

2. Typography
Typography is a fancy word that means, “What fonts are we going to use?” You’ll likely want to choose a specific font for headlines and a specific font for body text.
At True North, we use Ridley Grotesk Semibold for all of our headlines, and we use Ridley Grotesk Regular for our body text.
3. Colors
The final element of a church style guide is the color palette. Color is one of the most powerful tools in building a recognizable brand, but it’s only powerful when used consistently. When you’re creating your color palette, don’t just write, "red." You need to use specific colors, and you need to identify them with the appropriate color codes. Personally, I like using hex codes.
Here’s what the True North Church color palette looks like.
As you can see, this is just scratching the surface of what a church style guide could be. But remember, it doesn’t need to be a comprehensive novel to be effective. Consistency is the key to every great church brand. And consistency starts with a style guide.
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