Communication Priorities

True North Church | Communication Priorities

When it comes to deciding what and where departments or events are advertised, we use the following promotional layers, the ABCD's of promotions, as well as promotional channels. 
How To Decide What Get's Communicated
Here are some examples:

Bucket A:  Some (but not all) message series; large, community-oriented opportunities
Bucket B:  All-church events (potlucks, baptism services); message series that don’t fall into the A bucket
Bucket C:  Large serving opportunities, like running a booth at the fair; Grow Track 101
Bucket D:  Team trainings or serving opportunities specific to a particular group
6 reasons why you’re not getting a stage announcement:
  1. It doesn’t apply to at least 80% of the audience.
  2. It should be announced at your ministry event, not the whole church.
  3. There is not a clear WHY.
  4. The announcement sends them on a rabbit trail.
  5. t’s a bandage for a short-term problem, not a part of an ongoing strategy.
  6. There are too many things being announced already.
Truths we believe about promotions & communications:
  1. The more events you promote, the less important each event becomes.
  2. The more promises you make, the lower the chance you can deliver.
  3. The more announcements you have from a platform, the less people hear.
  4. The more handouts you add to the pile, the harder it is for people to find what they’re looking for.
  5. The more logos you create, the less cohesive the overall church or organizational identity becomes.
  6. The more space-filler posts you publish to your Facebook or Instagram account, the more out-of-touch each update is perceived to be.